Theo Jansen's Strandbeest

Strandbeest of Delft based artist Theo Jansen: adapts its movements to both the wind and the shape of the beach and waterline.

Patrice Lambert's PentaG

PentaG parallel robot of Patrice Lambert with 5 DoF: 3 translations + 1 rotation + reconfigurable end effector for grasping tasks

Deployable Platonic Mechanisms

Deployable Platonic Mechanisms: a spatial eight-bar linkage and its association with the deployable platonic mechanisms by Guowu Wei and Jian S. Dai


RoboBees by P.S. Sreetharan, J.P. Whitney, M.D. Strauss and R.J. Wood: Monolithic fabrication of millimeter-scale machines using pop-up technique

Self Twisting DNA-Inspired Structure

A self-twisting DNA-inspired structure by S. Janbaz, R. Hedayati and A.A. Zadpoor: gradual immersion of the DNA-inspired structure in a hot water bath resulted in gradual self-twisting and formation of a DNA-like structure

Deployable Solar Array

Deployable solar Array by Spencer Magleby, Larry Howell, Shannon Zirbel, Mary Wilson, Brian Trease, and Robert Lang based on the origami flasher pattern that is designed to fold up into a compact for launch and then deploy once in space